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Lawn servicesGetting rid of weeds is time consuming, back-breaking, and can be expensive if you use herbicides. There is also is a lot more to lawn care than one might expect. For instance, most people think a longer lawn looks shaggy but the extra height shades out weeds, helps strengthen roots, and fights water loss.

Also, there are certain times in the day and seasons you want to engage in a particular maintenance aspect, such as it being better to water in the early morning so the sun won’t sap moisture before it has the chance to do its work. You also don’t want to fertilize in the heat of summer or it may scorch your lawn. Although lawn care may seem minimal during the winter, light feedings of organic material, green-waste compost, and minerals to encourage earthworms and beneficial microbes are still required.

Our company is aware of the many factors that contribute to helping your lawn thrive and grow. We also have both rotary mowers and reel mowers. The first is the most common for residential properties and the latter is used for more commercial lawn service like on a golf course. We are prepared with the right equipment and an experienced staff to take care of any of your lawn maintenance needs.

Trees grow and leaves fall with the seasons, which is why regular maintenance is important to keeping your yard and front of your house looking nice. A tree care specialist will know what trees and branches require tree trimming, and the process of doing this without dripping sap all over its surroundings.

In some cases, hazardous tree removal may be needed. Your tree could get caught in cables or block your draining systems. Our tree trimming and removal specialists will get the job done quickly and, more importantly, safely.

In addition, B-Lawn Service & Handyman also does some light landscaping. We understand that your lawn is part of your overall landscaping design and are aware of how different landscaping items are affected by what we do.

For instance, using landscaping cloth is one way to help with weed control, as it provides a barrier to sprouting weeds.  Whether you need sod or just want to keep your natural lawn looking healthy, we are happy to provide suggestions for best fit with your current or future landscapes. We got above and beyond to offer our clients more than just a general lawn mowing service would provide.

Our company has knowledge of planting, irrigating, weeding, mowing, and grooming. We also have knowledge of fertilization, seeding, and mulching. Call B-Lawn Service & Handyman today and let our team get the job done.   

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